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Här samlar vi webinarier från våra leverantörer. Ta möjligheten och utöka dina kunskaper och erfarenheter inom additiv tillverkning.

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Våra leverantörer presenterar löpande nya webinarier med inriktning på produkter, tekniker och material inom en rad olika applikationsområden.

Kommande Webinar

Metal 3D printing vs. Casting

— By Desktop Metal, Thursday March 23

JZ-6_1440x1080-2.jpegThe ability to produce complex metal parts easily and affordably without any tooling makes metal 3D printing very attractive. Join this webinar to learn specifically about how metal 3D printing compares to casting; comparing material properties, part economics, and throughput will all be discussed. Register for the webinar.

Metal 3D printing for consumer electronics

— By Desktop Metal, Thursday March 25

Cellphone_Fixture_Angle-1E (1).jpgThe ability to mass customize designs with no minimum part run size makes metal 3D printing an attractive options for the consumer electronics sector.  Join this webinar to understand how metal additive manufacturing is enabling the mass production of enclosures for watches, smartphones, and mobile game devices; drone frames; custom copper heatsinks and more. Register for the webinar.

An Additive First Approach To Product Development Of End-use Parts

— By Stratasys, Wednesday March 31

ssys webinar.jpgLearn how Enventys Partners utilized the Stratasys Origin One 3D Printer, high-performance medical grade materials, and design freedom of additive to create a unique lice removal device economically. Discover how removing traditional tooling requirements unlocked the ability to consolidate components into a single design, reduce material use through typology optimization, and drastically lower production costs. Register for the webinar.

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