Welcome to Protech – the Nordic leading supplier of 3D Printers!

Since 1993, Protech has worked closely with thousands of companies around the Nordics, helping them develop powerful 3D printing solutions.

No doubt: Protech is the Nordic leading supplier of 3D Printers and CAD/CAM Systems. For over 25 years we've been pioneering 3D printing technology in the Nordics by helping companies and manufacturing industries finding efficiently solutions that optimize the production time and reduce costs.

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Our reliable and professional 3D printers come from worldwide leading manufacturers as Stratasys, MakerBot, Desktop Metal and Xact Metal. Our product range also includes industry-specific CAD/CAM Solutions from TopSolid.

Protech are represented with competent and experienced staff in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. We have showrooms in all countries with great selection of 3D Printers and materials. New and existing customers visit us for product introductions, pleasant meetings and training opportunities.

With local warehouse in Stockholm we supply the Nordic countries with materials, consumables and spare parts with short delivery times.

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