Welcome to Protech – Your Trusted Partner in Additive Manufacturing

Since the early 90's, we have been part of the development of the 3D printing industry in the Nordic countries.

  • We are here to guide you through the vast landscape of 3D printers and to make sure that the investment you make is the right one for your needs. With our professional 3D printers from globally recognized manufacturers such as Stratasys, Xact Metal and UltiMaker, we offer not just a printer but a promise of quality, reliability, and repeatability.

    We also have a portfolio of high precision 3D scanners from SHINING3D and the revolutionary scanning spray from AESUB. All to provide a smooth and reliable scanning process from small to large parts.

    Quick facts about Protech:

    • We are a team with expertise and extensive knowledge of 3D printing, unmatched by any other supplier in the Nordic region.
    • We offer industrial-grade, best-in-class portfolio of 3D printers covering the entire value chain from rapid prototyping to serial production of end-use parts.
    • We have the largest portfolio of 3D printing materials, addressing a wide range of applications as well as functional and performance characteristics.
    • We provide renowned service department with certified technicians located all over the Nordic countries.
    • Offices and showrooms in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland.
    • Local warehouse, to provide fast delivery of materials, accessories, and spare parts.

    A fun fact that highlights Protech's pioneering spirit is the historic sale of Northern Europe's first FDM 3D printer in 1994. This milestone underlines the company's role as a beacon for 3D printing solutions.

    Contact Protech and start your journey towards reliable 3D printing solutions, lower production costs, shorter lead times and faster time-to-market.